A Big Firm Background with Entrepreneurial Experience

Jack Walsh represents businesses and business executives in lawsuits, investigations, and appeals involving Commercial Litigation and White Collar Defense.  His primary legal experience and training comes from his work at a large, national law firm with more than 1,200 attorneys.  His entrepreneurial experience comes from his vain endeavor as an owner of a shipyard that sought to build ocean-going, tank-barges utilizing the principals of lean manufacturing. 

A Lean Lawyering Philosophy

Combining his big firm background with his entrepreneurial experience, Jack Walsh has adopted a “Lean Lawyering” philosophy to the practice of law to ensure that he resolves his business client’s legal disputes in the most cost efficient manner possible.  Under this philosophy, Mr. Walsh aims to minimize the “waste” normally associated with litigation by focusing his work on items that add value to the client’s litigation objectives and by minimizing his actions on things that don’t. 

Client Focused

The client must drive the litigation strategy—not the lawyer.  So, to implement this Lean Lawyering philosophy, Jack Walsh starts every attorney-client relationship with a detailed discussion concerning the client’s litigation objectives because these objectives are what define value.  By focusing significantly on the client’s objectives at the outset of the relationship, Mr. Walsh can adequately map out a litigation strategy with the client that focuses on actions that add value to what the client wants to achieve.

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