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Going Electric in Dallas

Effective October 1, 2009, the Dallas Court of Appeals is now requiring attorneys to file an electronic copy of any brief filed with the Court.  The electronic file can be submitted by CD or by email.  This rule will also apply to amicus curiae briefs.  For attorneys intending to email a document to the Court, they should email it to  ebrief@5thcoa.courts.state.tx.us with the appellate case number on the subject line. 


Attracting Businesses to Texas with a Business Litigation Court

Facing a budget short fall, Massachusetts has apparently targeted its court system to make up the short fall, and businesses have taken notice.  While Boston was one of the first states to develop a specialized business litigation court, which was designed to fast-tract an array of business disputes, it now looks like the state’s budget problems will force it to eliminate some of those fast-track measures.  And some high profile businesses, like EMC Corp, are taking notice and inquiring about whether it might be time to re-locate its business in another state.  This might be a good time for Texas to consider creating its own specialized business court.  Right now, fifteen states have set up specialized courts for business litigation and complex litigation.  Besides attracting businesses from other states, a business litigation court would also promote businesses to utilize the court system more often because a business litigation court could alleviate some of the concerns that motivate businesses to avoid the court system at all costs.