Business and Commercial Litigation

Mr. Walsh has worked on a variety of business litigation disputes.  The following examples demonstrate the type of cases that Mr. Walsh has worked on:

  • Debt Resolution Industry: Mr. Walsh represents companies within the Debt Resolution Industry, providing in-house counsel services concerning contract matters, employment issues, and compliance requirements arising from various state and federal laws.   
  • Complex Contractual Dispute: Mr. Walsh represented a large non-profit corporation in defending against a $1.6 million contract indemnification claim sought by the President of an entity affiliated with the client in a joint venture. 
  • Business Torts: On multiple occasions, Mr. Walsh has represented business clients with claims concerning various business torts, including claims of fraud and unfair competition.  
  • Employee Non-Compete Dispute: Mr. Walsh has litigated multiple cases concerning employee non-compete provisions, including litigation that arose in the form of an Emergency Temporary Injunction that required immediate action.  
  • Business Sale Dispute: In cases involving the sale of a business, Mr. Walsh represented clients in disputes that arose after the sale transaction was complete. 
  • Manufacturer Dispute: Mr. Walsh represented a large manufacturing company that sought to affirm its legal right to access a certain amount of water, which was necessary for its production process, from the local water authority.  
  • Product Liability: Mr. Walsh was part of the litigation team that represented a large oil company defending against claims in a class action lawsuit involving the gasoline additive MTBE, which had allegedly contaminated the local water supply.    
  • Construction Dispute: In an unusual case, Mr. Walsh represented a construction company in obtaining an ex parte Temporary Restraining Order that allowed the client, with the help of local police, to repossess a $1.5 million crane in a very contentious, interstate construction dispute.     
  • Sale of Goods: In a dispute involving Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code, Mr. Walsh represented an airplane manufacturer opposing claims made by one of its buyers that an airplane purchased by the buyer was defective and thus eligible for a full refund.    
  • Stock Delivery: In a dispute involving Article 8 of the Uniform Commercial Code, Mr. Walsh represented a Bank/Transfer Agent in a $20 million lawsuit that centered on the issue of whether the Bank/Transfer Agent properly delivered a stock certificate. 
  • Defamation: In a week-long jury trial, Mr. Walsh defended a Rhode Island State Representative charged with making defamatory statements about an employee of a local gas company. 
  • Real Estate Developer: In a highly contentious matter, Mr. Walsh represented a real estate developer litigate his claims against the local water authority.