White Collar Defense

Mr. Walsh has experience representing companies under Federal investigation by the United States Attorney’s Office for an array of white collar offenses, including mail fraud, wire fraud, deprivation of honest services, and political corruption.  When such a federal investigation arises, Mr. Walsh understands the emergence of a company getting ahead of the issue before it destroys the company’s primary business interest.  This usually requires a company to cooperate with the federal authorities in accord with the Department of Justice’s internal guidelines set forth in a memorandum entitles Principles of Federal Prosecution for Business Organizations.  This memorandum has formerly been known as the Thompson Memo or the McNulty Memo.    

Based on his experience with federal investigations, Mr. Walsh is prepared to represent clients in the following situations:

  • Businesses under Federal Investigation
  • Business Executives under Federal Investigation
  • Businesses Agreeing to Cooperate with a Federal Authorities 
  • Compliance with Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas
  • Witness Preparation for Testimony before a Federal Grand Jury
  • Internal Investigations of Business Executives
  • Development and Implementation of Corporate Compliance Programs